Because it is cookie dough, is ProDough safe to eat raw?

Absolutely! That was our whole idea! We use all ingredients to make sure this product is safe consume without baking.

Does ProDough include raw eggs?

Nope, it does not. We wanted to create and egg-less cookie dough. Don’t worry, we included plenty of other Protein for you! (Thank you delicious Protein Powder!)

How does the dough taste sweet without including a ton of sugar?

Well, thank to newly designed, low calorie sweeteners, we were able to achieve our goal of building a sweet product without including too many added sugars. If the dough seems to be a bit grainy here and there, that’s because we are using low calorie “sugars” to give ProDough the taste and texture of a real Cookie Dough.

How should I store my ProDough after purchased?

With the ingredients used, we are able to ship your ProDough without any extra packaging but upon arrival, you should immediately store you ProDough in a freezer or refrigerator. This will give your ProDough the best shelf life and will benefit the ProDough by giving it the best taste and texture. ProDough is designed to be enjoyed cool!