ProDough Storage


With the ingredients contained in our ProDough, we are able to ship our product at room temperature without extra packaging. But, upon receiving your order, you should immediately store your ProDough in a freezer or refrigerator. Because ProDough is a homemade good and made fresh for each order, each batch has a limited shelf life of 7 days, if not refrigerated. If stored in a refrigerator or freezer, your ProDough will have an extended shelf life up to 3 months. That is if you don’t eat it upon arrival… Outside of shelf life, storing in a freezer or refrigerator will give you the best taste and texture possible.



Preparation and Shipping



With each order, please allow 3-5 business days(ordered before 5pm of that day) for preparation, packaging and checking in for shipping. Each order is made FRESH so preparation is big on our end. Giving ourselves the next business day to prepare your ProDough allows us to take our time and craft your dough properly, carefully and fresh just for you.


Following 3 days of preparation, packaging and preparations for shipping, all of our ProDough is shipped USPS Priority Mail, typically 2-day shipping *(3-day shipping depending on location). Our shipping charge starts with a flat-rate of $5.99 and adds $1.00 for each additional item.




Let us first say, we hope that a return does not even cross your mind because we hope all of our customer fall in love with ProDough at first bite. With that being said, because ProDough is a perishable good, we cannot accept returns. If you simply just don’t enjoy the taste of ProDough, we sincerely apologize for that but we cannot afford a return/refund. If there is something physically wrong with your ProDough, if it is damaged or arrives not as described, please reach out to us immediately at